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Your Emergency Dentist in Hervey Bay

If you find yourself in need of emergency dental services please call to arrange an appointment to see our Dentists as soon as possible.

Emergency Dental Services We Provide

We offer emergency dental services and we also see patients for urgent treatment when they want to prevent their situation from getting any worse. We can help you with any of the dental services below.

  • Management and treatment of tooth pain
  • Treatment of a tooth infections
  • Repair of damaged or cracked teeth
  • Extraction of a tooth
  • Replacement of lost or loose fillings
  • Repair of orthodontic devices and reattachment of brackets and wires

When to Seek Emergency Dental Services:

Our Dentists are ready to alleviate you pain and can treat any emergency dental problem you’re facing. Schedule a visit at our dental office if you have any of the conditions or symptoms listed.

Extreme Tooth Pain

You don’t need to endure extreme tooth pain when our dental office can provide efficient solutions quickly. Our Dentists will discover the cause of your tooth pain and get you relief fast.

Abscessed Tooth

You may develop a tooth or gum abscess when an infection develops below the tooth. This can be a dangerous infection that may enter the jaw and get into the bloodstream. Seek emergency dental care for an abscessed tooth or gum immediately.

Lost or Loose Fillings

Your teeth may begin to feel sensitive if a filling falls out, and they will also be more susceptible to decay. Don’t give bacteria time to take advantage of a missing filling and get into the tooth. An emergency Dentist can replace your loose or lost filling and preserve your dental health.

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

A tooth that is chipped or cracked is more susceptible to decay and infection than a healthy tooth in good repair. Seek treatment as soon as you can to keep out bacteria and avoid the future need for emergency treatment.

Teeth That Are Sensitive

If your teeth suddenly feel very sensitive to heat, cold or other sensations, the feeling of sensitivity may be caused by an infection or crack in the tooth. Regardless of the underlying cause of your tooth sensitivity, an emergency Dentist can help.

Knocked-Out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth is a very upsetting emergency and one that requires urgent care if the tooth is going to stand a chance of being saved. Don’t handle the tooth by the root, only touch the crown (the top of the tooth), don’t wash the tooth, store the tooth in milk for children and in the mouth under the tongue for adults. Call us right away to schedule an appointment and find out what to do right now. The faster treatment is provided the better the chances to save the tooth.

Dental Decay and Cavities

Dental decay and cavities may be common, but that doesn’t make them any less painful. Decay can become unbearably painful when it gets through the enamel and into the sensitive center of the tooth. Prompt dental care is required to stop the decay from progressing.

Broken Crowns or Fillings

There is no need to put up with the embarrassment of missing or broken crowns or fillings when you can get emergency treatment. The longer you go without replacing or repairing damaged and missing fillings, the higher the chances of long-term damage to the exposed teeth.

Orthodontic Pain or Damage

Urgent care for pain from your orthodontics can help to keep you comfortable until you go to your next orthodontist appointment. Emergency Dentists can help with wires that are out of place or brackets that are broken.

Tooth Grinding

If you grind your teeth, you may discover that you need emergency dental care when a tooth becomes cracked or chipped. The high level of pressure that’s exerted during grinding can damage teeth and wear away enamel. An emergency Dentist can repair any damage to the teeth and help you avoid future tooth damage from grinding habits.

Sinus Pressure

You may feel an uncomfortable pressure in your sinuses that is actually originating from your teeth. Dental health and sinus pain are often closely interlinked. Our emergency Dentists assess and diagnose the source of your sinus problems so that you can receive effective treatment.

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